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I have tried a few methods and keep getting my pants pulled down one the cost of shipping. Every Canadian says don't ship UPS, so I don't. I head down to my unfriendly local USPS with some boxes. Sometimes, they tell me, after the fact, that if I could have used a flat rate box I would have saved a few bucks. no big deal, What's a few bucks anyway? today, I go with the medium flat rate box and it's friggin' $32 to ship a marker in the flat rate (that was advertised as $12 and I sent a F'ing envelope for $12 that said $5... What the hell? Of course the people there don't want to help me understand the intricacies of their methods. Just shuffle through, there is a long line after all.... How do you ship north of the border?
<<edit>> Oops, I meant to throw this up in the "Ask the experts section" sorry...
i think it goes the same the other way too. had to pay handling fees with my retro 7 from canada through ups. so if you're trading i would opt for usps as well.
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