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I've been using my DAM for a couple weeks now and am pretty happy with it. I'll be happier as soon as all my mags come in so I can set it up the way I want to play with mag only, hope they aren't on backorder much longer.

I have noticed what I'm thinking might be a problem (manufactures defect). I don't get very good efficiency and I'm getting a lot of first shot shoot down even with the dwell at 30. I've noticed on the bolt that the top hat slides on (the section right before the skinny part) is not all the same diameter. It increases in diameter towards the front of that section on the bolt like it may not of been machined right. I can feel a lot more resistance when moving the bolt back and forth due to it. It also has made a visible ring around it where it rubs more. On my DM6 bolt, it does not have an increase in diameter like the DAM does.

Can any of you that have one check it the next time you clean it and see if that is normal or if I have a defect.

Here's a pic of a regular DM bolt but it should explain the area I'm talking about....

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