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the camera angles are bad and the pics are low res. the out buildings do have power. the power line runs from the house to a light post over the driveway and then down to the garage, it splits off from there.

from looking at the house this afternoon, it looks like the house itself is on the level, but the area is halfway up the mountain, so its a bit of a rolling terrain in the neighborhood. looks worse in the photos. but the higher part of the property is in the back. so it does look a bit like that might be an issue, but ill have to take a closer look.

i actually just got a reply from the realtor. she sent me a data sheet for the property. i am looking it over. there is a lot more info that what was in the listing. when we talk tomorrow, i will bring up a lot of the concerns i have with what i have seen of the exterior.

also, from what i was able to see through the windows and the pictures online, it looks like the house was updated in the 70s and then again in the last 15-20 years. the only room i could see from outside was the kitchen, it looked like it had modern appliances and electronics. but the pictures of the bathroom scare me. first, who carpets a bathroom. also, no shower, ill have to do something about that, lol.

ill update tomorrow once i talk with the realtor.
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