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Scenario play... Ideas?

So, we've been playing capture the flag for years, and sometimes it is fun to mix it up a little. Since I had a few days off before our game on Saturday, I went ahead and put together a few scenarios to start the day.

Here is what I came up with for our first scenario.

Both teams start at their flagstations, and they open an envelope that shows their location on the map and the location of the item (blue bag). Both teams are trying to find that item which is well hidden on the field. Inside the blue bag is instructions for the next part of the game. The bag was hidden under some brush under this huge curved tree on the Trail of Doom.

Once they get the blue bag and open it, they have to find the communications depot (a satellite dish) and shoot it twice to disable it, it's location is on the second map inside the bag. Then take the blue bag to THEIR camp to sound the horn. The player has to have the bag to win the game. If the player with the blue bag is hit, either team can get it and complete the task.

Here is the video.
Watch Scenario 1 11.24.2012 Awesome Woodsball Game at Trails of Doom | Trails Of Doom Episodes | Blip

(link for mobile viewers)
Scenario 1 11.24.2012 Awesome Woodsball Game at Trails of Doom - YouTube

What are some fun scenario type games you guys have played.
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