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Rainman "BFG" Rainmaker - sold

Rainman "BFG" Rainmaker
Originally the pride and joy of Aluminum Gerbil, and more recently Hurtcow - sorry buddy, I just decided this was a bit too much of a project for me at this point, what with a newborn taking up what little free time my work allows me to have - what we have here is a very custom Rainman Rainmaker. It sports an Angel frame housing a Thunderboard LCD board that uses a single reflective ACE (but currently needs a new one), a custom frame/MAC/ASA mount, custom backblock that holds a 9v battery, PPS Stabilizer, Twister LPR, Angel-threaded feed post and Kapp high rise, 'cocker detent, Titanium bolt link, maddman valve, Mad Marty mods, an RC strut spring on the carrier that is claimed to increase cycle speed by 2bps, lots of custom milling, anodizing, etc. etc. etc. Lots of work went into this gun - I can't even imagine the original build cost of the thing.

Original matching massive Kapp drop is included, though not pictured. For what it's worth, the drop has some pitting in the ano. Pictured Dye SS barrel not included - a stock Rainmaker barrel (Infinity clone) will come with the marker.

I haven't gassed up the marker since receiving it. It looks to need just a little work/tuning. In addition to needing a new eye (though it will work w/o one), the on/off switch below the frame seems to be shot (damage from shipping, maybe?) and likely needs replaced, as it feels very wiggly and the gun isn't turning on.

The feedneck post was a touch loose in the body, so I put a dab of green loctite on it and reinstalled - it should be good to go, and it's Angel-threaded, so feel free to swap out the Kapp high rise for your clamping feed of choice.

I got this for a song from Hurtcow and am going to pass on the savings to the next owner: $275 shipped, firm, or $235 shipped w/o the Stabilizer. I'm also open to trading for a nice, custom 'cocker.

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