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Jan 27th 2013 "Polar Bears vs Penguins" at Topgun

Jan 27th 2013

This one is shaping up to be big.

From PBN 8th Annual Polar Bears vs Penguins @ Top Gun in Jackson, NJ
TopGun Paintball, Jackson, NJ

We are currently looking for Generals. Please contact me if interested.

Polar Bears - General Ali Mahvan of Viper 6 and his XO is Ed Cox also of Viper 6
Penguins - General Steve Martin of Black Phoenix and his XO is Dean Sniper Johnson of Hellbent

Team and group discounts available!!! Please contact me with any questions!!

This is a scenario event. There will be fun missions to accomplish for everyone and props to collect for points. Pick a side and have a great time! Help us make this a great event for everyone.

Please post any questions here and I will do my best to answer them quickly.

Polar Bears:
Viper 6
Highland Skulls

Black Phoenix
Disposable Heroes
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