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We will have maps, yes. Arh designs some quality stuff with those, and it will show the bases, flags, etc.
We will have Pentagon and a few other structure types of challenges on the field.
Player feedback from parts I and II swayed us towards making sure isolation and the ability to lose yourself in the game (For THINGS and Humans) should continue as it did in parts I and II, so that was a priority when we did our walks with JG at Skirmish.
The first THING was nuts, and what a hoot it was. We had snow and 19 degree weather.
The second THING had snow all over the ground and cold winds.
If you've seen the John Carpenter THING, you know those weather conditions were an asset to the game
The cap will be 250 again, correct. At THING II we did up the cap when requests came pouring in about missing and it finished at 284.
Someone said the lower the headcount the better and I agree. The way the players play this one, you get more accomplished with squads of 2-4 opposed to larger groups. (Because of the trust factor)
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