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Yes, it's a great way to get great glass at budget prices. I love my Pentax ME. The super is an improved version with full manual settings. They are incredibly tiny little SLRs, with great fit and finish.

One thing to note about bayonet mount adapters like the Pentax K to EF, as opposed to screwmount adapters like M42 to EF. If you are going to buy multiple lenses, get an adapter for each lens. You won't be swapping them while keeping the adapter on the body. Screwmount lenses are easy to get on and off the adapters, but bayonet to bayonet is a pain to change on the fly since they don't have a release button.

Also, check to make sure it's an f/1:1.2 lens. Plenty of people list f/1:2.0 lenses as 1.2s. Not that the 2.0 is bad, they're still nice lenses and have a better feel to them than the new Canon 1.4.
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