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@Thotograph It sounds like it is just the bolt being out of position. This can be caused by not putting it all the way back during reassembly of the bolt system. It can also happen when the gun is shut down with air still in it (normal). It can release that last bit of pressure through the front and move the bolt out of place. Either way its easy to avoid.

So I think this is what is happening to you: When the bolt is not all the way back, the #014 on the Top Hat will allow a little air through and this will cause the bolt to travel forward and dump air. Sometimes it won't return when this happens. Try firing the gun and it usually cycles and seats correctly. If you always have that bolt seated all the way back, I don't think you will see this anymore.

Also, I avoid the degass problem by following a simple shut down procedure. Shut down Rotor, Turn off air, Shot one ball, turn off gun, Barrel Sock. This will make your gun safe too. If you turn the whole thing upside-down, with the Rotor turned off, and pull the Shark Fin a couple of times you will clear all the paintballs from the breech and you won't waste a ball clearing the air from you gun. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it up!
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