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events masks = Empire E Vents Mask Blue with Smoke and Clear lenses Mint! | eBay
I could search completed listsing and find everthing you have listed for less. Sorry..
Tank, looks very dated, no born date shown. overpriced by at least 50.00.
Revy 20.00 over priced
Stock Traccer is worth 60.00 and might not sell for that. with upgrades 100.00
take all for 500.00 ??? Not gonna happen..
Kiji and craigs list are for buyers looking for deals..Every once in a while youll find some looking for a certian item and are willing to pay asking price..When stuff is way over priced its not worth the time to make an offer...
I can tell by your listing all your stuff is worth more to you than its worth to anyone else.
For priceing items check items on ebay and then see what they have sold for(completed listings) and then figure the the seller received 20% less after fee's..
Heres a listing that will sell, its short , not to the point thats is boring to read and the person is not attached to his stuff and WANTs to sell..

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