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Thanks for the response. In regards to the EVents, if you figure in shipping of that ebay one, which I would assume is $15, and then mine has one of those humidity fans in it, so I feel they are similar in price.

Trracer may be overpriced slightly though I've seen them on this site for $100 ($100-shipped.html), perhaps I am off by about $20-30 or so with the upgrades.

Tank is still in hydro, and has the Ninja reg on it, which was being sold on this site for $55 for the reg alone...

And the Revvy, a stock one is $20 I agree, but this has the sound board and upgraded paddles...

I do think my prices are in line with where they should be, perhaps a tad high I guess. But you are right, it's what buyers think, not me.

But thanks all for the responses! I will change my prices now.

*EDIT:* I dropped all the prices, I *hope* they are a little more competitive. I personally feel it's worth more than that, but perhaps it's because it's my very last paintball gear, and once this is gone, I'm out of the sport But nostalgia isn't something people will pay for!
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I'll add my Feedback here, because I always forget to ask.
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