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Yes. Booze, and my lack of typing skills...

140 (pod cpy) x 4 = 560
+200 for the balls in the hopper, 760.

So a team of 3 guys would use more than a case if they all went max-paint.

Sorry 'bout that.

The good people at Kingman were able to send me a copy of the Spyder cup rules. Electros were allowed, but in semi-auto mode only. Someone mentioned earlier that the rules allowed ramping, but it turns out that they didn't. Other than having to use a Spyder, the rules are pretty close to those of other tournaments (either NPPL or PSP - can't remember which).

And (OY!) I don't get my tank back from hydro for another two weeks! So I get to play after Christmas??? Well, maybe I'll just test the T-cat on CO2. I need to set velocity on it and my nellie pumps anyway.
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