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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Yeah, the class system is based on a 10-point system now. Every gun, attachment, grenade, perk, etc. is worth a point. So if you use Secondary Gunfighter as a wildcard you can rock two attachments on the pistol and run 3 perks, a lethal and two non-lethals. You can also still pick up enemies' guns once you kill them and have a rifle or shotgun or whatever. I normally don't bother and just run with the pistol.

I was having some decent luck with the Tac .45 last night as well, the extra power of the individual shots (especially once you unlock the Long Barrel attachment) makes it pretty darn competitive and not as much of an ammo-waster as the B23R (although the B23R is still my fave so far). Tried out the Executioner and had REALLY mixed results. It's meant to be like the Taurus Judge or S&W Governor in that it shoots shotgun shells and not bullets, so range takes even more of a hit than the other pistols, but the in-your-face power is pretty hot. I figure it would be a good primary with Long Barrel and Fast Mag, but it's suffering long enough to level it up that much that'll be the real chore. Going to rock it as a secondary on my actual rifle classes first to try and level it up and then once I get some more stuff try it again as a pistol class.
Because of the Executioners range limitations I've found that it's best to only try to level it on certain maps, to limit frustration, and sticking to certain sections of the map. I like using it on the Los Angeles train map (can't remember the name) and sticking to the staircase areas so that it's more close quarters. I like to also use the shock charges to alert me when some one is coming from one of the directions that I'm not covering when moving back and forth. Finding those high traffic close quarters areas makes the early leveling much easier.
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