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I will be making raincover tips for barrel systems. This will be a Monocore design. outer shell will be aluminum anodized black and core will be black delrin.

The threaded end can be anything you like as long as you have a mating part to use as a Gage.

I have been approved for preorder on these. This is the timeline of the job.
The preorder will be open until 12-14
I may start earlier depending on orders but will not change the date.

After the preorder lead time will be 3-6 week as I will be doing most all the work at home on the lathe. This combined with custom barrel threading will make it kind of slow going.

Now on to the specifics of the cover.
Core will be 2" delrin 6" long
The housing will be 2-1/4 dia. alum and length will be 6.5" long.
Overall length will vary a bit depending on thread option.
Price $85 plus shipping
You may get them in raw if you like to have done with your own finish
Any questions feel free to ask

Here is a core rendering
Here is the outer shell
Halfblock and midblock parts for sale $35 shipped
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