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tbh I always loathed the adrenaline imp frames. Well, their trigger design and heavy magnet I mean. W/o the magnet, meaning ripping it off, the pull wieght becomes just the switch (50g?), which I really like the clicky feel of (just had to make sure I had a board that had a debounce option), and I never had to really worry about the working-life of the switch, even without any sort of spring or whatever protecting it.

But, once the magnet is removed, the slop on the trigger pull comes out. IMHO one of the sloppiest trigger pulls, given how high quality nearly ever other aspect of the gun was, that I've ever experiences on an electropneumatic gun.

Compared to the both the older hyper frame (probably the best imp frame ever made in all respects), OTB 09* frame (also loved it, but not as high quality and way too tall for my tastes) and the even less common werm/killercat lcd angel frame kit (what can I say, they're hard to find cause, from what I understand, the guy's a scam artist), the Adrenaline frame is honestly one lower down on the list. The things going for it, other than ability to come in 1x trigger (although the hyper and werm frames also had this option), was it's integrated tray and looks of the thing. And trigger pull if you're into necessarily heavy trigger pulls.

EDIT: So aparently the AIM trigger frame I described was the old version. The new AIM trigger frame, released in 2004 which must have been shortly before the company was sold and went under, had an adjustable magnetic return or adjustable spring return. Also looks like it has a removable trigger guard. Possibly other changes too, but whatever... Yes, I am bitter (I ordered a frame in 2005 or 2006 and they sent me the old version... which other than the looks of the thing and integrated board really sucked). I have a hard time imagining the trigger slop on the new version was any better than the old, but with a little tension from a functional trigger return mechanism it should have been a little better (still looks like it was constructed the same rather poor way imho, involving the use of a trigger shoe).

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