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I like round-robin because it lets every team play everyone else in their bracket. I mean, with 10 teams you play 45 sets of 3+ games. That's a lot of paintball! But with 5 teams you go from 45 sets to 10 sets. Still plenty-o-paintball, but much more manageable.

I had figured that the winner of each bracket would then go to an elimination championship. BUT having several divisions is also pretty cool (I'll admit that it is a better idea).

So IF (big if) we get 20 teams, that means 5 brackets of 4 teams. Once the round Robin is complete (6 sets per bracket), it goes to four divisions A, B, C, and D. Each division then plays another round-robin series of 6 sets.

With 20 teams (which I really doubt), playing once a week each, we'll have 3 months (12 weeks) of league play.

My target field (they have no idea I'm pondering this) has a minimum requirement of 10 players in order to open the field during the week - so 4 teams (or three teams and a "trainer") OR a $300 minimum. Okay... stay with me now. The field won't lose any money (in theory). They want 10 "Rental" players, and they rent A blow-back, with a grav hopper, a tank, a mask, and a harness with three 100-ball pods (sound familiar?). AND the other fields in this area have basically the same rental setup.

Now... If you have to play 12 weeks, that's $360+paint (unless we can convince them to use the birthday party pricing, which would knock $60 off of that...). OR $7,200 (plus paint revenue) for the field over the three month period...

Okay, that makes the field owner happy, but not the players...

I really want my tank back from Hydro so I can go play...
What about refs? Typically, local tourneys are put on by a team that helps them get some funds for regional or national tournaments. If you don't have a team looking to get in on this, the field will have to supply refs. One or two isn't going to cut it in a tournament. Maybe ask the field owner if they have any local teams that they sponsor that can help with ref duties.

As to cost, from a team perspective, you might be a bit off. My thought being that if they require 10 players, or 300, and you have 12 players, for four teams, that would be closer to $90 per team, per night that they play. Plus paint, if they don't add that in.

Mind you, this is purely the fields part, and if this works out, you may need to go longer than 12 weeks. Trying to put some numbers, let's say that you get 16 teams. Means that they get split into four divisions of four teams each, Keeping A, B, C, and D. That means that each division plays three times during the league. I would imagine that you may want to have an overall winner. You can do something like top team from each division plays one night for the win (Keeping your four teams), or maybe take the top two teams per division, and have Semi Finals, like top teams play one another, 2nd place teams play one another, or some other method, then Finals.and I think that you talked about minimal prizes, but you may need to charge teams a bit more, and offer something like medallions.

Overall, price and frequency of play is going to be determined by the number of teams.

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Race to 2 instead of 3?
Agreed, best 2 out of 3 games.
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