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Warning: Really long post

The example field supplies refs for daily play as part of the $300 minimum, and they have proven adequate for 10+ players of widely varied and mixed ability and equipment on the same "speedball" field. It should be easier for them to follow six guys (should). However, it may be a good idea to allow (encourage) players to ref games that are not in their own Pool (to knock a few dollars off their field fees – or earn some free paint).

Whether the teams play “Race to 2” or “Race to 3” won’t change the number of matches, it will only change the amount of paint sold by the field owner, and how long each match takes to play out. So, yeah, “Best of Three Series” is fine with me, because I would like to keep this all rather short and sweet. Keep reading to see how that works out.

For Round-Robin style play, every team plays every other team in their pool. Given than “N” is the number of teams in a division, the number of matches played in a Round-Robin Tournament is (N-1)*(N/2). So for pools of 4 teams, we play 6 matches, pools of 5 teams play 10 matches. In the interest of keeping things short and sweet, I would opt for 4 teams per pool.

The nice thing about Round-Robin is that everyone gets to play more paintball and it guarantees a certain level of participation for the field owner ($300 minimum = 4 teams of 3.) Of course this assumes 4 teams of 3 RENTERS… If they all have their own equipment, they still pay the $30, but the field puts the remainder into Refs, field upgrades, maybe a prize or two (in this instance, we’re talking about $2,400…)

After the 6-match “regular season” it might not be a bad idea to switch to Single-Elimination. For Single-Elimination, the formula is Log2*N so each with 4 pools of teams there would be 2 games, and for 5 pools there would be 3 games.

Obviously, if only one match is played per night, this will all take forever, and cost players an exorbitant amount of money. So, figuring a best of 3 match, and about 10 minutes per game (including between-game activities), in a three hour period, you could run maybe 15 games or 5 matches (probably more since most matches will not last the full 5 minute game time take the full 3 games to win). So an entire Pool of four teams could probably be run in one night with time for chrony and stuff.

So let’s run through this. We’ll assume 20 teams, broken down into five pools of four teams.
Week One: Pool 1 plays
Week Two: Pool 2 plays
Week Three: Pool 3 plays
Week Four: Pool 4 play
Week Five: Pool 5 plays

The Team with the best record from each pool would be placed into the “A” division. Second place teams in “B”, third in “C”, forth in “D”, and fifth in “E”.

This ends the Round-Robin preliminaries. Now we switch to Single-Elimination “Finals” (three matches each).

Week Six: Division “E” and “D” Finals
Week Seven: Division “C” and “B” Finals
Week Eight: Division “A” Finals

During the Round-Robin preliminaries, it is possible for ties to occur. In this case there would be a “sudden death” tie-breaker game. The two tied teams would play a single 5-minute game to break the tie. In the unlikely event that every team wins a single game there would be 4 such tie-breakers.
Sooo… Each player would end up spending about $60 in field fees, and some more on paint, and plays two days of paintball. The field owner would get about $3,600 in field fees over the ten week period, plus some paint sales.

So, what to do after your team is eliminated? Well, you could watch the other teams play, or… Grab one ref and go play for fun on one of the other fields (and burn up some more paint).
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