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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Retro7 is my #1 choice.

I have enough money I could by all three. I only own the R7 at this point.

Can be used without the (as yet unbuilt) slide.
Cocker threaded barrels
Cocking handle doesn't interfere with line of sight.
Gas-transfer system is the biggest leap in Nelson valve design in, well, ever.
Player-friendly accessories (mag changer etc)
Off the shelf parts. (Phantom internals, CCI seals can be used throughout)

You can use the R7 as a pistol or add a longer barrel and various gizmos to make it feel more like a Phantom. You can't really pistolize a Phantom.

The VKC duck probably fixes the chopping issue of the gen 1 Redux. It still has the liquid-siphoning problem in the valve.

I won't get into any more details here; I've posted ad nauseum in the Redux, CCI and Avratech sections.
does dukie's frame fit phantoms? he might be able to build one that way and it would be a true stock class gun while still in pistol form, all the while giving it the touch of exoticism that he seeks.

from my (limited) experience his bucket changer does come loose if you aren't careful. i'm thinking if it would do some good to have a kind of reverse wraparound grips so your palm doesn't apply friction directly on the bucket, lowering its chance to loosen... but it's not a huge problem regardless.

comfy as hell though, that frame.
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