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Well it's more than just what I like.

I've had several PPS squalls but actually prefer my humble SA-17 to them. I paid between 350-600 for each squall and bought the 17 for $75 shipped NIB. I've since sold all the squalls and still have the 17. It's an unregulated spring fed pistol, just like the squall, but gets more shots from a 12g and I can change barrels on it so it will stay with me.

I would love to own a hand crafted duck, but not if I spend the day fixing it, or cleaning busted paint from it, instead of playing with it. I definitely appreciate having a conversation piece in my hands before I hit the field, but I want it to do its job when I need it on the field. Nothing is more frustrating than having an expensive paintball blender in your hands and having to walk off the field.

I also am looking for performance. Stock class demands a higher level of accuracy and playability from the marker in my opinion.
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...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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