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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
Obviously, if only one match is played per night, this will all take forever, and cost players an exorbitant amount of money. So, figuring a best of 3 match, and about 10 minutes per game (including between-game activities), in a three hour period, you could run maybe 15 games or 5 matches (probably more since most matches will not last the full 5 minute game time take the full 3 games to win). So an entire Pool of four teams could probably be run in one night with time for chrony and stuff.
It was kinda burried in there...

Each game is 5 minutes with up to five minutes between for reset and reload. Two minutes between games seems fair and reasonable.

I left something out. "After each game, teams switch ends of field." To help balance out differences in the field from one end to the other.

Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
Think about this with the field ref. if the field supplies one ref, typical for your size, he is going to not only have to start and stop the games, but do any paint checks. All it takes is for a team to realize that the only set of eyes keeping them honest is involved in a 10 second paint check, and they may make the game winning move (Moving when they shouldn't, wiping, etc), and your league may be done before it really gets going. Having another team ref is okay, but really, what are they going to get out of it? Free entry or paint has to come out of someone's pocket, like yours or the field owners, unless you charge extra to cover this.
A good point, and I think we're close to the same sheet of music - or at least we're at the same concerto.

The basic $30 fee at the field in question includes the following:
Tippmann M98
200 ball hopper
Air tank
Harness with three 100 pods
500 paintballs.

IF, you bring your own equipment, you would normally pay $10 (this fee is waived if you buy 500 paintballs at $15). But the League fee is $30/night, so for every guy who brings his own equipment, the field gets an extra $15, which may be used for things like additional referees, reduced field fees for volunteer refs, or incentive paint. And, honestly, most guys will want to bring their own gun/mas/tank/and the like (if replies on this thread are any indication). So, in a way, I am charging more to cover refs.

Conversely, the field would have to charge $30 per player, and require everyone to help referee games outside their pool - or charge $45 per game day per player (an extra 50%) to pay for more refs. That can be negotiated.
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