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I agree with Josh..quality over quantity.

My max I've ever had at one time I think is 5, but 3 of them were for sale. I think since I've gotten back into the sport, and joined MCB, I've had somewhere in the high 20s, low 30s in total guns.

I'm currently down to keeping 2, my Phantom and a Kaos for the girl.

I have a Duckslide DSP incoming (most likely going up for sale shortly), trading a modified T8.1 for it. I also have a Nelspot that I'm trying to sell. So currently, I have 4.

What's a set number that's too high? It varies with every person. For me, it comes down to a ratio of cost to benefits. I've had 2 fully decked out CCMs as well as another pistol at the same time, yet I was only playing twice a month or so. Why should I have nearly $2,000 in gear, if I'm only going to play so often? More and more people around me are getting out of the sport, so it's getting harder and harder to find time to play. I'd rather have that money to invest in other hobbies. I've managed to cut my total investment in paintball by a little more than 2/3, and yet I feel like I'm not missing anything. Every once in a while, it's good to evaluate your set up and figure out if you're truly still having fun. If not, change it up.
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