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Originally Posted by EDDAKA View Post
I'm bumping this thread.

So i went out Paintballing today. I haven't in a while, and decided to take ye old redux out.

It was about 65-70 degrees out. Maybe some 80's in the afternoon. I used a thunderpig springset for nelsons.

I tried DSA's red mainspring, yellow valve. I used a lapco cupseal. It got good velocity, but started decreasing FPS at around 8 shots WTF mate?

I then tried CJOttawa's red mainspring, blue valvespring. I used a CCI cupseal. And could not get to velocity, and got about 11 shots max.

I then tried Yellow-Yellow combo. I've heard this has worked too. I could not get it up to about 250. Not too many shots either.

Any suggestions?

I'm running red main, green valve with luck. I really want a new chrono for Xmas but its doubtful to be under the tree unless I buy it myself

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