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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
I thought that you said, for anything other than a normal day, they need $300 for the first 10 people? Regardless whether people have their own gear or not?
Yup. It's $300 to open the field. So 10 renters at $30 (normally). Under normal circumstances, they wound need between 15 and 20 players with their own equipment (it depends on whether the players bring their own paint or not). Before you go to far with that last thought, any "League Play" would require FIELD PAINT ONLY. Kind of as a way to throw the field owner a bone, everyone would be charged the same $30, rental or own equipment. So we're still talking $300 for ten players. That $10-$15 for each guy with his own equipment goes for Refs and stuff.

Think of it like this, Everyone pays $30 per day to use the field. Rentals are free (or at a reduced price - negotiable) to get a few NEWBIES hooked... Or remove the "I'm not buyin' a crappy blow-back just to play in this stupid league," excuse. OR to give a guy a way to keep playing in the event of a mechanical issue with his gun.

I believe that most participants will bring their own gun at the very least, so the field will get $15 (+/-) per participant who bring his own stuff. Now, that $30 only buys you 500 paintballs, which I am pretty sure they players will go through in just a game or two, so the field owner will also have some paint sale profit to add to his bottom line.

The down-side... EVERYONE rents guns... Then we'll need some volunteer refs (parents? ).

Originally Posted by CentCam View Post
skimmed the thread. This reminds me of the Pan Am league. Anyone remember that?
Whoa! I DO remember Pan-Am. Thanks for reminding me! Kind of a cool event - and there are similarities.

[Da Rules]

I'm not a super-huge fan of "Points Systems", but I can see why they would be useful. I like the simple Capture the flag/elimination system - It's like boxing, anyone can tell who won the boxing match.

I also like their "Young Guns" classification (limited to 100 paintballs/game). Interesting that this tournament ran for three(?) years and was basically "Hopperball" (200 ball/player limit for 5-man teams, 500 ball/player for ten-man teams).

The idea of 3-man teams with 500 paintballs per player has been bugging me. Seems a little high for this kind of League play. But... It is also "best of three" matches, so 500 paintballs over a three-game series does not sound too bad at all. So, once step onto the field, you don't get any more paint until someone wins the match.
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