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CCM'd Pre-2K Shocktech Hook-Up Series Autococker

CCM'd Pre-2K Shocktech Hook-Up Series Autococker:

I originally listed this in the Mechanical section, but I have a matching CCM pump kit and thought it might get more interest here in as a pump gun.

This gun is in beautiful condition, and has all Shocktech parts. It shoots just as sweet as it looks. It's undrilled, with only a few cosmetic flaws for a gun this age.

It will come set up as a sniper, but the matching front block and pneumatics are included. I'm not looking to part any of it out at the moment.

Thumbnails lead to larger pics - flaws in the ano:

The frontblock (pump arm and timing rod are also included, but not pictured):

$375 shipped OBO Sold to Skywrench on CustomCockers!


Centerfeed blazers with 45 frames
Interesting Autocockers or Snipers
CCM Guns
AKA single trigger grip frames

I can also provide a video for anyone who is seriously interested in buying the gun.

Some of my collection

My MCB Feedback

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