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Originally Posted by karni-collector View Post
In a way that resembles the e bolt
but what's in the pic above looks like its just a sear tripper

the ebolt is basically a ram which is controlled by the noid+board
kinda like a Timmy except its not a two way ram, it converts the M98 into an electro pneumatic


What most have done is modified their standard rams into a two way ram and run it with a Timmy noid and board or PM/DM boards
and also only then would you need to run the marker with Eyes and you would also need an LPR for the ram/noid to function

Ebolt kits are very hard to find and with the original parts even harder

It's easier to have someone machine you a two way ram from scratch and run it with a Timmy noid, board of your choice and an LPR

I recommend checking out

Plenty of info there and your chances of finding the parts you need go up a bit
thats the kind of info i was looking for thanks. btw doesn't exist anymore. been pointed there a few times but the website doesn't exist as a domain anymore.

Originally Posted by mrspeeddemon View Post
Well I have that kit all new its really old for a model 98, I also know a guy that has an e-bolt (the one with the box on the side of the gun) and he said he wanted me to convert it back to mechanical. So if he ever comes back to have me do that I'll have those parts as well.
lmk if he ever wants to sell those parts.

Originally Posted by need4reebs View Post
i have one of those Tippmann ASA's with the LPR built like new condition! PM me if your interested???

Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I have an E-Bolt equipped 98 project that I picked up a few months back. It's mostly there but missing an LPR and I believe needs some wires re-soldered. Let me know if you're interested. I can get pics and get them to you monday.
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