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Originally Posted by Mike Deep View Post
I thought it was great. The further Bond has gotten from gadgets, ****ty one-liners and campy villains, the happier I've been with it.
Same here, though in fairness Javier Bardem's take as Silva was extremely campy, though in a good way. Easily the best Bond villain since Sean Bean as 006*.
Also, as far as crazy, impossible gadgets, does it get much crazier than a Glock 18 loaded with DU 9mm?

*Bardem has been the only good Bond villain since Sean Bean.

Originally Posted by DSA View Post
...and Adele simply repeated the word Skyfall over and over again instead of actually coming up with a fantastic song like For Your Eyes Only.
Ok, I have to take particular umbrage with this.
Setting aside whether you liked Adele's song (and if you didn't, you're a bad person), but if you're trying to show examples of good 007 themes, why "For Your Eyes Only" and not "You Only Live Twice," or "Diamonds are Forever" or "Live and Let Die"?

Or even Dusty Springfield - The Look of Love - YouTube
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