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Armson Semi - A little help on pricing

Hey All

I picked up an Armson Semi to tinker with a while back and it's just sitting unused so though I might sell it. Problem is these seem to rarely come up for sale and I can't really find a reference for what a good price should be. I dug around and the only thing I could find was the bluebook suggestion for $225-$300 for fair to mint condition. Is this about right or a bit outdated? Would really appreciate a little help with this.

The marker is in fair condition with a ding on the back cap and barrel tip and a fair amount of anno wear. The original owner spray painted it gloss black, but I removed 95% of it. Still a hint of it in the back cap and trigger frame that I need to clean up though. Cleaned and re-lubed everything. Everything works, holds air and shoots at nice and consistent at 290 FPS on both HPA and CO2.

Keeping in mind that the marker would have to be shipped from South Africa (around $30-$40 in shipping) and looking at bluebook and condition. What would a good price be for a reasonably quick sale?

Thanks for the help.

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