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Yeah, go ahead and pass it around, as I'm sure there are crazy guys like me that would love this tech, but clearly it isn't for everyone...

My channel has lots of footage showing the capabilities of my ZoomCam. The new "production" one I am working on is going to be pretty amazing!

Trails Of Doom's Awesome Woodsball Paintball FPS Channel HD Zoom - YouTube

The cool thing is, you can actually film an event in a way that the viewer can tell what is happening, and this is with just 3 cams (two contour roams on my helmet and Henry's helmet) and my ZoomCam. The first few shots are at over 300 feet away, and the viewer can SEE the guys I am shooting at!

Scenario 1 Bloodbath 11.24.2012 Awesome Woodsball Game at Trails of Doom - YouTube

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