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I'm basically going to agree with you on that... I think it's possible to do a good job of implementing a slider trigger in a Nelson based pistol design, but I thought it should be possible to make an even better hinge trigger instead... the Retro's trigger is the result of that experiment, I consider it to be a fairly successful result. The trigger to frame/grip line geometry is very close to that of the sliding trigger most of these guns aim to mimic (that of the 1911), and it accomplishes basically the ideal trigger action (which many slider triggers struggle to get right, even after tuning). Additionally, it does it with the minimal number of parts and refined, simple geometry (this I also like).

PS, very awesome to hear so many of you appreciate the performance value of the Retro 7, I'm very glad it's up to all of our demanding standards for both a reliable players gun and an enthusiasts platform. It greatly encourages my goals to continue the improvement of the product line and expand it further with more variety

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