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Originally Posted by wd3d View Post
If it continues to hold a seal out of the stock, I would guess your stock is causing the issue. probably warping the tube just enough to cause the leak. Just a guess, but you might look into it.
I won't rule that out...but I have had it working in the past. Played an awesome game with it before the original seal blew out the first time...

Originally Posted by WALZ View Post
I am thinking the best thing you can do for your machine is to just break down and buy a new dyna valve pin (tapered one is the best) and a new valve spring and main spring from palmers.
As far as polishing the valve cup seal surface goes you just take valve apart and first run a tapered polishing tip inside valve and then a flat tip for the end where cup seal rests. (soak your tips in water for a while and use mothers mag polish).
If the above doesn't do the trick for you, your just going to have to send it to me.

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I may have to eventually break down and make a palmers order...Was hoping to avoid that due to the Stupid shipping costs of getting their stuff across the boarder...

If all else fails, I might have to send it to you...
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