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Originally Posted by rangerjim3 View Post
... to where I was swearing and yelling. I kept telling him that I was not firing and that his friends were using him for cover, but it didn't really matter at that point..He was already super pissed I think.

Regardless of the situation there is no need to cuss at the guy or get emotional. Its a game. Relax and laugh a little or you might get booted for being a drama queen.

After game calmly ask the ref or field owner if this type of play is ok. It might be for all you know.

If this is an outlaw ball field know that their rules likely differ from that last commercial field you played at. Outlaw fields frequently have players who have never heard of Jim Lively and who could care less who he is. Relax and go with it. The rules are not nearly as standardized as most people think.


Now as the owner of a private, invite only outlaw field I look at the OP's post with a certain familiarity. Here is how I would deal with it:

... A new player doing something kind of stupid. some guys use him for cover... ok, funny. no problem. maybe Ill make a point about it before the next game. Maybe not.

... A guy cussing at my guest on my land.. Thats 1 strike. maybe he gets a warning... maybe gets scratched off the invite list...

I do have a house rule to address this type of situation: "If you have an issue with anything please quietly bring it the property owner OFF the playing field between games. If you display unsafe, rude, or unsportsmanlike conduct you may be asked to leave and loose your invitation, permanently."
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