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Well... was trying something different when brazing a guard the other night.... let's just say that a blemished knife will be available for sale around the first of the year. Knife blade will be fine but will not have a mirror finish. I'll do my best to clean it up, but it won't be perfect. Otherwise, the handle will be nice. Brass hardware with colored spacer. It will still make a very serviceable and nice knife.. just not presentation grade (which was what the blade was originally for). I'll post pictures once it's together. Wish it was going to be done in time for christmas but that won't happen... it would take a Miracle

I have the aboyna outline cut... it looks very nice. Need to shape it still once it's mounted to the replacement blade.

The drive belt on my belt sander is ready to fail.. it's always a surprise when the machine you are working on barfs up a piece of material that is completely different in color and makeup from what you are working on. So I'll be ordering several of those to have on hand for immediate and future need.

On another angle.. I made a neat milling "machine" for wood working. I don't have a planer but I need a way to plane/mill a surface made from glued up wood. I need to build a fully functional version this weekend. This was a trick that I saw somewhere else... not my own, but it works well. I'll post pics of it when I get it together. But it's basically a reversed router table that rides on a frame.

And where I will be posting stuff that is for sale:


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