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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
honestly your ion setup sounds perfect for your playing style. i know i would use it if i'm stuck with an ion.

if i was to suggest a gun for you i would suggest something like an empire axe, but it's so similar to what you already have that the difference isn't worth the 400 bucks.

if you find your setup too bulky, maybe it is your tank. i use a 45 ci tank when most people use a 68 cubic inch tank. the places i play have all day air. there's no point to have a large tank since fills are no longer charged per filling.

if you have an old halo, get rid of it. they're heavy. use something newer and lighter like vlocity or maybe rotor.

other than that, just trigger discipline can save you some paint. get out of that shooting-a-rope mindset.
Agreed^,check out the BST threads here for a new(used) hopper and tank,the Hammer 7 pump by Kingman is out soon too,seems like alot of bang for the buck,theres a thread here on it,cant miss it theres over 100 posts,at around $130ish for a new gun you cant beat it!Also there is a the eNEMy,a mech Ion by GOG that seems to be another bang for the buck marker,also a review/thread here
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