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Originally Posted by RuleOfSines View Post
What I would recommend for an easy alternative is getting an ASA with two side outlets, run one outlet to the high pressure regulator, and on the other outlet use a right angle fitting and installing a high-quality lpr.

Here is my mostly-empty shell:

This area is normally raised up, it will need to be milled down flat. Mine is milled more than necessary because I swapped out the board and solenoid:

Same story on the other side:

Forward groove was for the airline originally, rear groove is for my battery wiring. I chose to stick the battery in my tank cover:

Milling to allow for later-style trigger:

I also used a low-pressure conversion kit on this marker, my operating pressure was in the area of 250psi.
thanks this gives me a better idea of what kind of work i have to look forward to over the winter so the tippmann pro shop reg is no good?
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