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I'm just replying to the OP. Not trying to anyone off, just explaining my thoughts on this matter.

"Back to Basics" and "Blow-Back" only are the same thread. I started it to measure interest and to bounce ideas around. I've pretty well explained my reasoning in that thread, but I'm willing to give it a go here as well. I would re-name them, but that would only cause more confusion.

I have noticed that no matter what limit an individual may choose to place upon a niche league, the immediate response is "What about my [insert gun of next higher tech level here]." This is, of course, completely natural, and I don't mind it one bit. The next thing that happens is some responder gets annoyed that he is being excluded from play. I am not posting a thread like this:

"International X-tourney Series with really great prizes that you are missing out on because we’re stupid and won’t allow your amazing gun. It’s gonna be fun! I mean Really fun! We’re gonna have bikini-clad Swedish Super Models for refs, FREE paint and air, ESPN will broadcast the entire event during prime time, and the winning team gets a recording contract, a speaking part in the next Avengers movie, beers with President Obama, 16oz of gold, and a Bentley for each member of the team.”

It ain't like that... but on to my reasoning.

The idea started with a conversation with a friend of mine and went something like this:
Sven: "Dude, there are people who play only electro."
Me: "Well, ya. They rock."
Sven: "Yeah, but there are also guys who play exclusively pump."
Me: "Yeah, it's a hoot!" (I also play pump)
Sven: "And there're guys that stick with mech guns."
Me: "Again, they are pretty cool. Swiss watch vs Casio and all that."
Sven: "Why no blow-back guys? I mean, how many people own them? How fun are they?
Perhaps not possessing of the great awesomeness of Electros, or the intricate mech operation of a 'Cocker, or even requiring the hard-core ninja-like skills of the pump - but still lots of fun for the money!"
Me: "I'm taking away your beer, Sven."

Still... It was tumbling about in my head (there is a lot of room in there for tumbling).

What I realized was that there is really nothing wrong with a blow-back - there is also nothing great about them. They are, basically, a "paintball gun".

I have, in my many years in this rather odd sport, heard many a newbie and oldie bemoan the latest advance in technology. Believe it or not, the 7oz CO2 bottle was once “going to ruin the game.” Newbies bemoan new tech because it’s incredibly unfair (like semis, when most fields rented pumps). Regardless, there is always some goober who cries foul when he loses, because "The other guys all had [insert gun he does not own here]", and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible. I figured that since Blow-Backs are really the “Middle Ground”, are inexpensive, readily available, commonly rented, and have limited performance they might make a nice “Common Platform” gun. They are a known quantity, with known limitations.

Now, Stock and Pump guns are common platform, but are less-available and tend to cost more than even the “best” blow-backs. Also, there are already Pump-Only events.

Mech-only already has its champions. And there are mech guns out there that will exceed the current tournament bps limits. Also, I’ve always figured that a “Mech-Only” league would quickly become a “Mag/Cocker League”. So, I left that alone.

With Blow-Back only, you can have a league or tourney with a total equipment cost of about $100 (the price for a Tippmann Gryphon, tank, hopper, and mask at Sports Authority) – OR you can rent your equipment and still be on an equal footing with the other equipment out there. Limiting paint keeps the cost of competition low (relatively speaking) and reduces anti-tactics like “Spray n’ Pray”. Requiring a non-mechanized hopper keeps bps low (looks like 8 bps max with a couple of the new “improved” non-mech hoppers), which tends to force players to move more, which tends to make the game a bit more interesting.

Also, since Blow-Back is the middle ground in Paintball, any player who finds that he/she enjoys playing in tourneys and wants to “up” his game and/or equipment, he can turn left and go pump, or turn right and go Electro. Either way, he has spent a little time in the “Minor Leagues” and has some experience playing in the tournament environment. Or, he could simply say "That's not my game, Baby", and return to his normal life of rec-ball bliss.

That is my reasoning. It may be flawed, but there it is. I’m not saying “We need a Blow-Back only league because my favorite gun is a Blow-Back.” I was moved to the platform as it was the best fit for the mission I wanted to accomplish – get more freaks into the game and expose as many as possible to organized competition while asking as little from their wallets (or Dad's wallet) as practicable.

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