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Yes, slightly different from my OP. Essentially a full explanation of why I thought the concept may have some traction. My OP was pretty light weight, but does allude to my point that Blow-Backs sit nicely between Electros and pumps and are easier to limit, and that it could be used as a platform for a less-intimidating, less-expensive tourney.

Field owners regulate how Rec-Ball is played. If the owner tells his regulars "We have newbies, you can't use your Axe or carry all that paint," the well-equipped guys will find another field, and the field owner loses repeat customers (which is really how they make money). The use of a tournament as a vehicle for limited equipment and paint allows regulars to opt out without leaving the field while also adding to the field owner's revenue instead of reducing it.

Sadly, it's not as simple as saying: "6 bps, max" unless you have a well-trained ref at the elbow of every player. I was getting better than 6 bps from my Stingray way back when. It would cycle faster than that, but could not feed balls any faster (turned into a paint mixer if I was not careful), and would run out of steam pretty quickly (ye olde CO2 with no reservoir).

But I see more than League play out there - there is also Paintball Summer Camp (saw it at one field in Canada - apparently a properly chilled brain works best), which would be a great way to get more young freaks deep into the game and make some extra spondulix for the field - especially her in the ATL where summer is actually the "off" season (It can be powerful hot here come May). Of course they would mostly use rental equipment for summer camp, and what is rental equipment at most fields? Tippmann 98 - blow-back...

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