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I didn't read the Blow Back thread. I didn't realize it was meant as local league for new players. In that case, I think it's a good thing (especially with limited paint), but I have a feeling it will always be limited in participation.

Practically all new players that have played a few times and decide they want to start doing this paintball thing regularly, also want to buy decent equipment. Less and less people start with blow backs these days many of those that do, quickly decide they need something "better". Part of the lure of paintball is the equipment and anyone that sticks with it soon wants better stuff. The point I'm trying to make is that a Blow Back league will have people graduating out of it, as quickly or quicker than a constant stream of new players can be recruited. I'm not trying to be negative (I think it's a good idea), just forewarning that there will be an ongoing recruitment effort needed.

But as far as beginner tourneys go, it's as good of an idea as any.

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