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Allow me to elaborate: we are close. I'm not worried about someone far behind cover. Inside or around buidlings, when you come up on an opponent and they are right in front of you. Someone who is used to their own gun loosing multiple balls doesn't react the same way to a single ball. It gives them too much time to get their head together and think, "maybe it didn't break...". Commence "freakout". Hope that makes more sense.

I am hoping to gain lightness with a new gun. My 98 gets heavy after the end of the day.
i already knew what you are talking about. like i said, that kind of player would be doing the same last ditch effort to get a mutual kill out of you regardless of how many paintballs you sling out. firepower is not your problem here, and they will get you once a while regardless of how hard you try. your best bet is still to get a super light setup so you can tuck back in before he can even turn the gun to point it at you. besides the akimbo awesomeness, there's a reason midnightangel likes the compactness of pistols.
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