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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
^^^^ That is not untrue.
I cheat a little when I play - I use a agitator hopper on my Desert Fox, but I still normally go hopperball. If I know I will be playing several games in a row, I'll take along a couple of pods.

NOTE: I am looking at the Proto Primo or Tacamo Arc Dual Feed hoppers as replacements for my trusty old 9v VL Revolution.

And yeah, my idea will likely fail - lots of cool ideas end up going nowhere, but I figure "Why not". To be fair, though, this is not "Exclusionary", it's additional (it is above and beyond normal daily play). It's no less exclusionary than basically making it necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on paint in order to have a chance to be competitive.
You can't play in my Tournament then. I provide the hoppers. You provide the gun. Stuff as much paint as you want into that hopper. Those are the only rules.
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