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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Roger that, Ghost Lead (I love Ghost Recon... SO MUCH).

You know... A lot of guys run sportshots and 13/3k on their CCMs, and I've run mine that way and had fun... But these days I'm a 68ci and Rotor kind of guy for my T2; because sometimes shock and awe is the only answer to your problems

You are not going to be disappointed in any CCM. Not only is the hardware top notch; they are absolutely, bar none, the best paintball operation I've ever dealt with.
I ran a Trilogy Pump with a cheap 50 rd and my Ninja 68. Loads of fun but heavy. So I think a Revy, Revy 50, 50 and/or Sportshots and a 45 Ninja unless this special bottel comes out. Then i'll get it.

I am very excited
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