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Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
Paintball is supposed to be a game of honor.
mos definitely. but if you ever play a scenario game where introducing props is kosher as long as they are cleared with someone official, sneakiness (not full on cheating) is fun

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Regardless of the situation there is no need to cuss at the guy or get emotional. Its a game. Relax and laugh a little or you might get booted for being a drama queen.
i've watched games on youtube lately, i notice alot of ridiculous angry screaming going on these days. Alot of instances where a player actually has to repeatedly tell another player he's hit and he has to go now.

and something totally un important, but it still bugs me: nobody uses elimination flags anymore, the little yellow rag you held up when you got hit, because when yelling "hit" you run the risk of your voice not being heard over markers being fired or whatever. But, you see a yellow flag, no questions asked.
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