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Originally Posted by freedummy View Post
Hey fellow local! I've seen SAPL stuff floating around the forums, and it's perked my interest...

If you don't need a design by tomorrow, I'd like to try my hand. Is that the highest resolution logo you have? Or better yet, if you have an .ai, .svg, or .pdf version...
I can get you a PDF version.
Sadly that's the highest res, I can probably make it a little higher res easily, as I will just enlarge the blue part and retype the letters.

Also let me know if you're interested in joining us for pump nights! Another person is always welcome.
Originally Posted by Donkey Oatey View Post
[You know you play pump..]When you carry extra 10 rounds just because you love to toss them to players screaming they need more paint.
Dr. VonDeafingson
I typically carry one extra tube and give them 1 ball from it.

I'm an *** like that.

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