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Originally Posted by Thotograph View Post
I think I found the culprit on the gas-up/bolt fwd thing, and I was able to avoid the issue the whole weekend. It wasn't the bolt being all the way back, it was the can coming a little bit unscrewed, just gotta get it screwed down tight before it goes back in the gun.

The DAM ran great at Wayne's! She got DIRTY but never skipped a beat :-D The FS rounds are so niice and going back n forth with the quickness is priceless!! Plonked someone from 100yds or so. Took a few pokes to get him but that's what you get for just standing there observing movement in Sinker Town! Guy looked surprised when he caught it. I had to remind him that indeed he was out. Thanks for the reply Kevin w/ Dye, and right on for building an amazing scenario marker. Can't wait to get it out there again!
See, I knew people were out there using FS (non event paint). tsk tsk. I really wanted to run them threw the SR1, but my conscience kept me honest. It just didn't seem right with how badly we were already crushing the North side.
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