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I'm guessing that it's 22x (given the change in mm (2.8 to 50mm). The image is recorded at 1080P and I cropped it to just the ~1/4 of the screen size- I could crop it to be larger if I feel necessary.

FS rounds fly flatter than regular PBs and by my eye's estimation, at reasonable paintball ranges, it's flying more like a flatline but, as you go farther, you need to arc it (but, not as much as a PB).

The gun cam will be mounted to my Tiberius Picatinny Riser such that when I adjust the angle of the sight to aim and fire, the camera matches. The end result, much like when one fires firearms and scopes, and dependent upon the range, the projectile may cross the view (from 6-12 o'clock), only to re-enter the view (from 12-6 O'Clock) as it closes on the target. My goal is primarily to show the impact, secondly to show the flight.

He has differing lenses on his contours or just differing FOV settings? As you may know, with the contour and the GoPro, when you adjust FOV, but keep the same resolution, you're creating a digital zoom. I looked and looked for replacement lenses for the Contour, and none were available. Theoretically, you could mount a conversion lens but, that will bring more vignetting (looking through tunnel effect), the more powerful the magnifier. I even asked Greg Hastings about this and he ran into the same problem with his camera. It's fortunate for me (and ragecams) that GoPro threads their lenses on the Hero and Hero2 (no clue yet about the three).
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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