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Originally Posted by jcurt455 View Post
I dont have alot to loose to, be honest.
-So, what, your wife is the primary breadwinner in the family? If you head off to jail for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, there won't be any hardship? Whatever your day job is won't have a problem with you not coming in to work for a couple months? Maybe a year? They'll let you off whenever you need it to go consult your lawyer or attend a court hearing?

You've got an extra $50,000 laying around to pay that lawyer, and another $10,000 to $20,000 on top of that to pay the fine? You don't mind them ransacking your house, hauling all your machine tools away, every computer, hard drive and cell phone in the house- none of which you will likely ever get back? Those guns you just mentioned? Confiscated as well- and it damn near takes a literal Act of Congress to get a confiscated firearm back from the ATF.

You said you have kids- they won't mind seeing mom and dad kneeling on the lawn in handcuffs while strange people go through all the drawers and closets in the house?

This isn't a simple speeding ticket. It's manufacturing and distributing Federally controlled weaponry. That's the kind of thing that gets a 3:00 am no-knock raid with a battering ram and about two dozen guys with body armor and MP-5s.

Yeah, we're low on the totem pole, and yeah, you might get away with it for a while. But all it takes is for some cop, off-duty agent or bored fed to notice one at a field, or during a traffic stop, or a see picture of one on a Facebook posting (somebody showing off their gear, somebody else snapping an action shot of that guy at the field, a team photo, who knows?) and decide to nail that guy.

He pleads innocent- says the guy he got it from "makes them all the time, nobody said it was illegal!" He gives them your name, a few quick internet searches brings up, say, this post, an investigation is opened, you're put under surveillance, an agent is assigned to email you and arrange to buy one from you, you deliver, BANG! You just committed a legally-verifiable and carefully documented Felony Manufacturing with Intent to Distribute of a Controlled Weapon.

The more you sell, the greater your chances of exactly that happening.

Have a nice day.

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