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Found some more stuff.

Texas Instruments TI-83plus. Used back in college have no longer a need, with data cable too. I would like $50 for it.

I have two spec candy shell cases for iphone 4/4s one white and pink, the other black and grey, used white and pink is in great shape (used for a week before replaced by some designer brand case) the black not so great.

I'll take 10 for the white, and i'll throw in the black.

I have a monster cable iphone FM transmitter/charger. i payed 90 for it, new, i have a new radio that has iphone intergration. I"ll take $50 for it.

Game Corner :

10 per PS2 game 20 per PS3 game unless noted otherwise, contact me if you feel like it should be less.
Take 5 dollars off if you include with another purchase.

Final Fantasy VIII for PS1 greatest hits $15
007 nightfire
gran turismo 4
need for speed most wanted
persona 3 FES
Final Fantasy XII
Need for speed Prostreet
grand turismo 3
guitar hero II - have guitar
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
Need for speed Under ground
Hitman collection :$15 togther 10 individueal
blood money
silent assassin

Killzone 3
resident evil 5
Time Shift
Soul Calibur IV
Unreal tournament
Need for speed Undercover

Guitar Hero II guitar for PS2 10$

If you happen to think i'm way above where i should be let me know and we can talk.

I'm uploading pics now and will post once they are done.

My feedback Thread

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