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The 6D is more a fit between a 60D and the 5D, not between the 5D and 7D. Really nothing at all on it that makes it remotely related to what one would want a 7D for over something else in the line up.

The 7D is a high performance sports/action camera with core features around getting a lot of photos in focus where you want them in a short time... The 6D is a camera you go to when you want a new full frame portrait camera, but can't afford a 5DmkIII and want manufacturer warranty on your stuff still (so you skip a used 5DmkII).

Honestly I think one of its core marketing purposes is to get people to replace their cheaper EF-S glass they had on their XXD lines by convincing them that a full frame camera really is affordable.

As for stores to buy from? B&H wins only because they're the first I found that made ordering from the US easy enough for me. I would order from somewhere in Canada in a heartbeat if 9 out of 10 items wasn't 40% extra or more before tax. (I could do up to 20% more for a locally owned store, after that they have to have a lot more in the way of service to offer to justify the extra spending.)
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