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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
I can see why you like bf3 John. Only on the second mission in campaign and its the most realistic game I've ever played. To play multiplayer I had to make a new origin account and immediately after I got junk mail from university of pheonix and, I thought it was funny what they're marketing for gamers 'get off those video games and do something productive' and 'stop being a nerd and get lay'd by a real female'. That would be like carter putting an ad banner up of fleshlights and divorce attorneys on here. Haha
Yeah bro, I'm not a fan of Origin. That's just EA trying to copy Steam imo. It's cool being able to track progress online though. I use it to know what my next unlocks will be and keep track of side missions that I need to complete.

I never noticed any spam mail, but it doesn't surprise me.
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