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Yeah, I was nervous as I "assumed" this one would... Then when I got it, it turns off when you close it. But, since it is a Sony, you can flip the screen around so that it faces out and close it, and it stays on.


Saved me having to do mods to it. I plan on making the side clear so I can see to make sure it is recording. I hated that about my old one, as there was no way to tell unless you opened it up if it was recording or not...

This one is being sold by sony right now on ebay for $199... It retailed for around $400...
It is the HDR-CX210, last years model (8 gig flash built in). The "new" batch I don't like as much as they use a new sony lens called the "G". Which is a wider angle even when zoomed, but it looks soft...

You just can't beat Zeiss lenses which this one has. I think they are going away from Zeiss lenses on these lower end models.
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