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Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
The 2006 Ghosts started with serial number 200, but the first few were prototypes, and not sold directly to the public (given to a Lapco team - Blowfish IIRC?) - I think that went up to SN 204 or something like that. So take whatever the current highest serial number is and subtract 204. So my Ghost (#308) is about the 104th 2006 Ghost to be built. At least, this is what I remember reading on other forum threads at about the time I bought my Ghost.

EDIT: Ah yes, here is some information on the matter. It seems the first 2006 Ghost had SN 201, and 201-204 were not meant for release to the public, so 205 would have been the SN of the first Ghost sold.

EDIT2: Also, serial number 308 was produced in late 2008 (I ordered it for myself right around my birthday in 2008 IIRC, so mid-September), therefore they only made 103 of them from 2006 to 2008. I'm not sure how many they have produced per year more recently than that but I don't imagine it's too much higher. If they're already at serial 500 I'll be surprised. I think you're over estimating how common these are, toymachine. ~300 or fewer produced in six years.
The first 10 guns were not meant for sale to public. They gave a few to the team and the rest were used for testing purposes. I have #209 that was the first gun sold. I twisted Sergey's arm for 3 days at the HB NPPL event at the Lapco booth which is the first place they showed off the new style Ghost and was at least 5 or 6 months before they shipped any guns to the pre-order crowd.. I have an original Ghost that I have shot for years and I think that is why I was able to get one of the two guns he had at the show. They did not sell the other gun and there was a lot of people trying to buy it. There are a few things different about the first 10 and the other new guns released. My feed block is Black instead of matching Grey and my stock is matching grey instead of the black.
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